About Us

Verdastro Sdn. Bhd. is a company that stands with the idea of creating green solution for the environment. Based in Gebeng Industrial Park, Malaysia Verdastro has a strong global presence neighbouring with Kuantan Port which become connector to opportunities.

With research and product development capabilities in our own R&D Lab and manufacturing capabilities of the factory itself, Verdastro is uniquely positioned to support sustainability on a global scale. Our global capabilities include: Fully equipped R&D laboratories, Compounding Facility and Technical Center, Finished Product manufacturing partners.

Partners: The success of our clients is our priority. Verdastro partners with powerful brands and organizations all over the nation to provide the highest quality products. Verdastro’s research and development lab is located in Gebeng Industrial Park. Here our engineers utilize powerful equipment to develop, analyze, and test our formulations, compounds, and finished products.

Abundance of raw material

The oil palm trees has an economic life span of approximately 20-25 years, after which old trees are felled and the farms, replanted. Meanwhile, the discarded oil palm trunks are suddenly available in large quantities, providing readily available alternative sources for our products – BIOPLASTIC.

Oil palm trunks are normally left to burn or decay in the plantation area. Leaving the trunks in the field without further processing physically hinders the process of planting new crops, as the stem can take about five years to decompose completely. Hence, this is the base material of our products. The most important, these things are biodegradable and bio compostable