About the company

Verdastro Sdn. Bhd. is a company that stands with the idea of creating green solution for the environment. Based in Gebeng Industrial Park (PAHANG), Verdastro has a strong global presence neighbouring with Kuantan Port which become connector to opportunities. With research and product development capabilities in our own R&D Lab and manufacturing capabilities of the factory itself, Verdastro is uniquely positioned to support sustainability on a global scale.

Innovating Green Reality

 A legacy begins with a dream, passion and hard work. Visualizing our main purpose in a video.  The name of Verdastro derived from the words verde and astro which means green environment. Our name stands with the idea of creating green solution for the environment. It is our responsibility to keep our mother earth safe. Join us to make our dream comes true. 

Advocate Eco-friendly alternatives

Oil Palm Plantation

Malaysian is one the largest producers and exporters of palm oil in the world. The oil palm trees has an economic life span of approximately 20-25 years. Meanwhile, the discarded oil palm trunks are suddenly available in large quantities, providing readily available alternative sources for our products.

Oil Palm Trunk (OPT)

The trunks in the field without further processing physically hinders the process of planting new crops, as the stem can take about five years to decompose completely. Hence, this is the base material of our products.

See how Verdastro turns it into something that you might use everyday.